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I Hate To Grow - A Story Of Two School Girls | Bangla Short Film

Hi, This is my first short film "I Hate to Grow",which is awarded from "SVKM culturama short film competition 2017,Mumbai". and Official selection from Pocket Films. And also screened at many prestigious place in the city. I hope you all enjoy. Please Like and Share.Kemon laglo janate bhulben na.Thank You! I hate to grow is a story of two teenage school girls who belong to different religions and are best friends. While they are walking towards school they see something which hurts them. But will it affect their friendship?
Cast & Crew:
Director: Bijaybrata Jyoti, Rudrani Guha
Music / Sound: Gorki Mukherjee, Bijaybrata Jyoti
Editor: Rajesh Sarkar
Cinematographer: Bijaybrata Jyoti
Actors: Rudrani Guha, Sayantani Rauth, Aniruddha Chattopadhyay, Arindam Chattopadhyay, Ayamita, Mainak, Debdas, Abhirupa